2545 Progress St. Suite D, Vista, CA 92081

We are a forest!

Christmas week hours won’t be changing.

With the Christmas week coming up, we’ve been getting some questions if our hours and days of being open will be different. As much as we’d love to change them up, we’ll be celebrating with our families so we will be sticking to our regular days and hours between Thursday and Sunday.

Mishmash Gourmet this Friday – 12/20!

Mishmash Gourmet served up some delicious food for us last Friday and everyone loved it, and they’ll be serving up some goods again this Friday the 20th! Come join and eat some gourmet food while washing it down with a pint!
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Buy your Booze Brothers mug!

Have you bought your Booze Brothers mug yet? It’s only $10 and comes with a fill, plus it’s 3.5 ounces more than a regular pint which means more beer for the same price when you bring it back in for refills! Would make an excellent Christmas gift…

Donny hard at work

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Our new stools are here!

Come park yourself at our counter and enjoy a pint!